Viper Gobbo Horn Tip (V 5746 PC)

A great-looking traditional Italian knife.

4 years ago

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A great-looking traditional Italian knife.

On one of my trips to Torino I was looking for knife shops around the area and I came across one that had this specific knife. beautiful horn tip handle and very comfortable in the hand.

This Viper Gobbo is number 409 from 1000 pieces made. As far as I know that is what the company does, they create a specific number of pieces and then releases them.

There are variants with wood, but I personally liked this horn handle.

The Gobbo is a traditional Italian knife used by sheperds in Abruzzi. The name Gobbo means hunchback, it refers to the shape of the handle.

This is a very beautiful and capable EDC knife.

Enjoy the photographs!

Hector Perez

Published 4 years ago