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Le Thiers par Chambriard Le Compact

Le compact par Chambriad is a Le Thiers style pocket knife I bought at Coutellerie Chambriard in one of my trips to Thiers, France.

Also known as the “Capitale de la Coutellerie” or Capital of Cutlery, Thiers is located close to the center of the country.

Being as passionate as I am about knives and living in the south of France I could not let this opportunity pass by. I went there to find a knife, and so I did, two in fact, this one is one of them.

Thiers is a great village, full of knife stores with all possible variants in designs, materials, and makers, I had the pleasure to meet the maker of this specific knife, in fact it was him who sold it to me and engraved it. I think this is what some people call a gentleman’s knife, although I really don’t like that term.

This place is truly a heaven for knife people like me. The knife comes with a very nice leather sleeve and fits very comfortably inside the pocket. This is the compact model so I guess that is to be expected. Is large enough to cut a steak and the fact that the handle is made of natural horn makes it very easy for me to clean, I don’t have to be worrying about wood getting damaged and all that stuff. I just rinse it under the faucet and it is like new again!

  • Steel: 13C26 (Swedish Inox)
  • Blade length: 7 cm
  • Closed length: 9.5 cm
  • Overall length: 16.5 cm
  • Locking mechanism: Slip-joint

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