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I’m just another engineer who likes to find the answer to a lot of questions. I have a degree in Cybernetics and Computer Systems Engineering (computer science basically).

As an engineer I see the world in a mathematical way. Always questioning things, generating knowledge and trying to find the truth through science.

The purpose of this blog is to share photographs of my knife collection, reviews, overviews, my personal opinion on them, and some technical specifications. Not only knives but some other gear as well.

Metallurgy is one of my interests (since I like and collect knives) so I think you will see some posts related to that. Veracity is the goal to be reached by each one of these posts.

Polite questions, comments and corrections are welcome as long as the information is backed up.

The goal is to make this blog a solid knowledge reference for knife and gear collectors, enthusiasts, and makers.

Knowledge is free.

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